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Helpful Information




  • Please click here for a live document that lists helpful information for this school year.

  • Because this information changes periodically, we suggest that you check the document from time to time.



Family Meetings

(formerly known as Parent Meetings)


  • We will have  Family Meetings once each month-- usually on the 2nd Monday of the month (with the exception of September)-- at 6:30 pm.

  • The meetings will last about an hour.

  • They are great opportunities to have your questions answered and to provide us with feedback.

  • While it is nice to meet in-person, attendance was better when we met virtually.  Therefore, we will start out meeting virtually.

  • Our first meeting will be Monday, Sep 27, 2021.  

  • At the time of the meeting, just click here to join the Zoom!






  • As soon as possible, we would like all of our students to have a Chromebook or laptop that they can bring to school.  

  • If you need a Chromebook, please click here to print off this document, have it filled out by a parent or guardian, and have your student bring it back to school.

  • We can also give your student a form to bring home and have a parent or guardian sign.  

  • When the student brings the signed form back to us, we will issue the student a Chromebook.

  • Students that have not returned their Chromebooks from last year will not receive another one.



Bus Schedules


  • When looking at the bus schedules, be sure to be looking at middle school times.

  • Also, please remember to note the different times for Wednesdays.

  • Due to safety concerns, we needed to make some changes to a couple stops for Bus #1.

    • The stop at Independence St. & Oxford St., will be moved 1 block east to Independence St. & Colwell St.

    • The stop at Ontaga St. & Sedalia St., will be move 1 block south to Ontaga St. & Emmett St.

    • Students that currently use Ontaga & Sedalia St. stop can use either the Ontaga & Emmett St., or students can us the Independence & Colwell St. which ever stop is closer to where they live.

  • Click here for the schedule for Bus #1.

  • Click here for the schedule for Bus #2.


      Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures


  • When dropping off or picking up your students, we ask that you always:

    • Use the drop-off/pick-up loop on the southern-most end of the building (click here for map).

    • Pull forward along the sidewalk as far as you can to keep traffic from backing up onto Middlebelt Rd.

    • Do NOT use the parking lot... it is not safe to do so.

  • Thank you to everyone for following these procedures.  We appreciate you keeping everyone safe!



We are Looking for Volunteers!


  • Would you like to get involved at CMS?

  • Do you have some time that you can give to our students?

  • We would love to talk with you about how you might contribute!

  • Maybe you can supervise lunch or recess!  Maybe you can supervise arrival and/or departure!  Maybe you'd like to help tutor students!  Maybe you would like to help decorate the building!  Maybe you have some ideas of your own!

  • If you're interested, please call Mr. Kantor at 248-919-0271.


We are partnering with Schoolcraft College!


  • Our 8th graders will be visiting Schoolcraft College several times during the school year to explore the campus and investigate various career possibilities.

  • Check out this free opportunity called Girls Who Code!



Early Release Wednesdays




  • This year, to provide our teachers with time for their own professional growth, every Wednesday ends at 1:30 pm.

  • Staff will remain at work for professional learning.



Picture Day Info




  • Picture Day was Wednesday, September 1

  • Click here for the picture order form.

  • Retake day is scheduled for Thursday, November 4, 2021.



We are Looking for Partnerships with

Local Businesses and Organizations




  • Might your business or organization benefit from partnering with us?

  • Might you benefit from some free positive publicity?

  • Maybe some of our students could lend you a hand from time to time?

  • Maybe some of our students could be your future employees?

  • If you're interested, please call Mr. Kantor at 248-919-0271 or email him at alan.kantor@clarencevilleschools.org!



Food Service Information






Black History Month Door Competition


  • Our Hybrid/Remote students decorated the doors to their first hour classes to highlight what they had been learning for Black History Month.

  • The whole community was able to vote for their favorites in three categories:  Most Creative, Most Informative, and Prettiest.

  • And the winners are...

    • "Most Creative" = Mrs. Piontek's class

    • "Most Informative/Most Interesting" = Mr. Queentry's class

    • "Most Aesthetically Pleasing/Prettiest" = Ms. Alsheskie's class

  • Thank you to everyone that participated!  All of the entries were awesome, and everyone learned a ton along the way!

  • To get a good look at all the doors, click here.



Community Covid Crisis Assistance




From the CMS Media Center



  • Want to get a library card for your public library?

    • Livonia residents, click here.

    • Not a Livonia resident?  Call Mrs. Wilson in the CMS media center at 248-919-0277.  She can help you!



Family-School Partnership Seminars


  • Do you sometimes wonder how you can better support your student?

  • Our Intermediate School District, Oakland Schools, is hosting a series of seminars that are designed to help schools and families build better partnerships.

  • This is so cool!

  • Click here to see what Oakland Schools is offering.



Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)



  • We are bringing back our Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)!

  • GSA is a club that works toward education, support, and social justice for all people, including gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and non-binary people.

  • All students and staff are welcome to attend and do not have to share any personal details.   

  • If you are interested in seeing what GSA is all about, contact Ms. Stetson or Ms. Keenist or join the GSA Google Classroom by clicking this link.

  • For more information about GSA's, click here



New Anime Club





Distance Learning Art Exhibit



Some Things Haven't Changed...


  • New for the 2019-20 school year:  Free breakfast and lunch for every student!!!


  • Does your child need medication during the day?  Please complete this form and turn it in to our main office.



  • Wondering about future CMS dates and events?  Just check out the calendar on the right side of the page?