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8th Grade Washington DC Trip


  • There was a virtual informational meeting on Monday, 12/12/22.

  • If you were unable to attend the meeting, please take a look at the slideshow below.

  • For more information, please contact Mrs. Boyd at kaela.boyd@clarencevilleschools.org.














   New Chromebook Distribution,

Phase 2


  • We have begun distributing brand new Chromebooks to our students.

  • We have decided that, starting 11/14, we will distribute Chromebooks to all students whose families have completed the Google Form agreement.

  • If you have not completed the agreement form, please click here to do so.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please call our main office at 248-919-0406.


PTO/Family Meetings

(formerly known as Parent Meetings)


  • We have  Family Meetings once each month-- usually on the 2nd Monday of the month-- at 6:30 pm.

  • The meetings last about an hour.

  • They are great opportunities to have your questions answered and to provide us with feedback.

  • Meetings are in-person in the CMS media center.

  • Meetings will be held on 9/12, 10/17 (rescheduled from 10/10), 11/14, 12/12, 1/23 (rescheduled from 1/9), 3/6 (rescheduled from 2/27 due to icy weather), 3/20 (rescheduled from 3/13), 4/10, and 5/8.

  • We are well on our way to establishing our PTO, as we have established our governing board!  Congratulations to:

    • Shauntae Gillery, President

    • Leenovia Robinson, Vice President

    • (vacant), Secretary

    • Kelly Bur, Treasurer

    • Jennifer Elliott, Parent Liaison

    • Tyesha Flowers, Event Coordinator

    • Anna Domanski, Parent Support




      Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures


  • When dropping off or picking up your students, we ask that you always:

    • Use the drop-off/pick-up loop on the southern-most end of the building (click here for map).

    • Pull forward along the sidewalk as far as you can to keep traffic from backing up onto Middlebelt Rd.

    • Do NOT use the parking lot... it is not safe to do so.

  • Thank you to everyone for following these procedures and setting a good example for our students.  We appreciate you keeping everyone safe!  




We Want You in our Building!


  • Would you like to get involved at CMS?

  • Do  you want our students to have more programs and an even safer, friendlier environment?

  • Do you have some time that you can give to our students, whether it's an hour or an entire day?

  • We would love to talk with you about how you might contribute!

    • Maybe you can help supervise lunch or recess? 

    • Maybe you can supervise arrival and/or departure? 

    • Maybe you'd like to help tutor students? 

    • Maybe you would like to help decorate the building? 

    • Maybe you'd like to help monitor the hallways?

    • Maybe you'd like to be a mentor?

    • Maybe you're interested in getting a PTSA started?

    • Maybe you have some ideas of your own!

  • If you're interested, please call or email Mr. Kantor (248-919-0271, alan.kantor@clarencevilleschools.org)

  • Click here for the iCHAT background form that needs to be filled out!



We are partnering with Schoolcraft College!


  • Our 8th graders will be visiting Schoolcraft College several times during the school year to explore the campus and investigate various career possibilities.

    • Schedule of Visits:

      • 11/4/22:  Kick-Off meeting with Schoolcraft President, Dr. Cerny, in the CHS auditorium at 10 am

      • 12/2/22:  Public Safety

      • 2/17/23:  Health Science

      • 3/10/23:  Manufacturing & Engineering (MEC)

      • To Be Determined:  Celebration Banquet


Schoolcraft Visit #1 (21-22), Public Safety

Schoolcraft Visit #2 (21-22), Manufacturing and Engineering

Schoolcraft Visit #3 (21-22), Business and Technology

Schoolcraft Visit #4 (21-22), Culinary and Health Care

We are Looking to Build Partnerships

with Local Businesses and





  • Might your business or organization benefit from partnering with us?

  • Might you benefit from some free positive publicity?

  • Maybe some of our students could lend you a hand from time to time?

  • Maybe some of our students could be your future employees?

  • If you're interested, please call Mr. Kantor at 248-919-0271 or email him at alan.kantor@clarencevilleschools.org!



Food Service Information





Pride Club/LGBTQ+/Gay-Straight Alliance




  • Pride Club/LGBTQ+/GSA is a club that works toward education, support, and social justice for all people, including gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and non-binary people.

  • All students and staff are welcome to attend and do not have to share any personal details.   

  • If you are interested in seeing what GSA is all about, contact Ms. Stetson or join the GSA Google Classroom by clicking this link.

  • For more information about GSA's, click here


Distance Learning Art Exhibit



Some Things Haven't Changed...


  • Does your child need medication during the day?  Please complete this form and turn it in to our main office.




  • Wondering about future CMS dates and events?  Just check out the calendar on the right side of the page!