Welcome to Clarenceville Middle School!






  • All students are expected to have a Chromebook or laptop that they can bring to school.  This will be especially important for Spring M-Step testing.

  • If you need a Chromebook, please click here to print off this document, have it filled out by a parent or guardian, and have your student bring it back to school.

  • We can also give your student a form to bring home and have a parent or guardian sign.  

  • When the student brings the signed form back to us, we will issue the student a Chromebook.

  • Students that have not returned their Chromebooks from last year or have damaged their Chromebook from last year and have not paid the resulting fees will not receive another one.


Spring Conferences



  • There are no formal conferences in the Spring.  However, teachers will contact the family of any student that is failing, in danger of failing, or exhibiting concerning behavior.

  • In addtion, families can communicate with their child's teachers any day they want to!

  • Anytime you want/need to talk with one or more of your child's teachers, please reach out to them via email.

  • You can also call our main office at 248-919-0406 for assistance.


We are Looking for Volunteers!


  • Would you like to get involved at CMS?

  • Do you have some time that you can give to our students, whether it's an hour or an entire day?

  • We would love to talk with you about how you might contribute!

    • Maybe you can help supervise lunch or recess? 

    • Maybe you can supervise arrival and/or departure? 

    • Maybe you'd like to help tutor students? 

    • Maybe you would like to help decorate the building? 

    • Maybe you'd like to help monitor the hallways?

    • Maybe you'd like to be a mentor?

    • Maybe you have some ideas of your own!

  • If you're interested, please call Mr. Kantor at 248-919-0271.

  • Click here for the iCHAT background form that needs to be filled out!


Family Meetings

(formerly known as Parent Meetings)


  • We have  Family Meetings once each month-- usually on the 2nd Monday of the month-- at 6:30 pm.

  • The meetings last about an hour.

  • They are great opportunities to have your questions answered and to provide us with feedback.

  • While it is nice to meet in-person, attendance tends to be better when we meet virtually.  Therefore, until further notice, we will continue to meet virtually.

  • Meetings will be held on 2/14, 3/14, 4/11, and 5/9.

  • At the time of the meeting, just click here to join the Zoom!



We are partnering with Schoolcraft College!


  • Our 8th graders will be visiting Schoolcraft College several times during the school year to explore the campus and investigate various career possibilities.

    • Schedule of Visits:

      • 10/15/21:  Kick-Off meeting with Schoolcraft President, Dr. Cerny, in the CHS auditorium at 9 am

      • 11/5/21:  Public Safety

      • 1/14/22:  Manufacturing & Engineering (MEC)

      • 2/11/22:  Business & Technology

      • 3/11/22:  Culinary Arts/Health Care

      • 4/26/22:  Banquet


Schoolcraft Visit #1, Public Safety

Schoolcraft Visit #2, Manufacturing and Engineering

Schoolcraft Visit #3, Business and Technology

Schoolcraft Visit #4, Culinary and Health Care


Bus Schedules





      Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures


  • When dropping off or picking up your students, we ask that you always:

    • Use the drop-off/pick-up loop on the southern-most end of the building (click here for map).

    • Pull forward along the sidewalk as far as you can to keep traffic from backing up onto Middlebelt Rd.

    • Do NOT use the parking lot... it is not safe to do so.

  • Thank you to everyone for following these procedures.  We appreciate you keeping everyone safe!



We are Looking to Build Partnerships

with Local Businesses and





  • Might your business or organization benefit from partnering with us?

  • Might you benefit from some free positive publicity?

  • Maybe some of our students could lend you a hand from time to time?

  • Maybe some of our students could be your future employees?

  • If you're interested, please call Mr. Kantor at 248-919-0271 or email him at alan.kantor@clarencevilleschools.org!



Food Service Information





Pride Club/LGBTQ+/Gay-Straight Alliance




  • Pride Club/LGBTQ+/GSA is a club that works toward education, support, and social justice for all people, including gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and non-binary people.

  • All students and staff are welcome to attend and do not have to share any personal details.   

  • If you are interested in seeing what GSA is all about, contact Ms. Stetson or join the GSA Google Classroom by clicking this link.

  • For more information about GSA's, click here


Distance Learning Art Exhibit



Some Things Haven't Changed...


  • Does your child need medication during the day?  Please complete this form and turn it in to our main office.




  • Wondering about future CMS dates and events?  Just check out the calendar on the right side of the page?