Botsford’s Mission Statement

Educating Today’s Children for Tomorrow’s World


Botsford’s Vision Statements

Our Students

• Choose to be productive members of society who are fully equipped to continue their
preparations for the future.
• Are confident and self-assured.
• Have a positive vision of the future and goals to achieve their vision.
• Are well rounded academically.
• Take pride in their school and community.
• Appreciate learning as a life-long endeavor.
• Are creative problem solvers who make sound decisions.
• Value and accept diversity.
• Feel safe at school.

Our Parents

• Are necessary partners in the process of learning.
• Are involved at school by volunteering in the classroom and being members of school based organizations.
• Welcome dialogue and differences as we work to create the very best learning opportunities for all of our children.
• understand that learning is not limited to the four walls of a classroom or the length of a
school day and extend their child’s learning to their homes and communities, and in the
process, create life-long learners.
• Feel secure in the knowledge that their children are in a safe and stimulating learning

Our Staff

• Will provide a safe and nurturing learning environment.
• Adapt to an ever-changing educational climate.
• Seek out and use innovative strategies including the latest technology to meet the needs of a
diverse student population.
• Continue a healthy rapport with our school’s parents and community to help increase their
involvement with their student’s education.

Our Curriculum

• Promotes collaboration to actively involve and cooperatively support the educational process of
our children.
• Utilizes differentiated instructional techniques to meet the individual needs of each learner.
• Combines resources to enhance a curriculum based on Common Core State Standards.
• Offers experiences in technology, music, art and physical education. In addition, research and
advanced technology skills are integrated into the elementary curriculum at the intermediate grade levels.
• Teaches children to read well, express their thoughts through speaking and writing, to work
with numbers and mathematical operations, to investigate, to inquire, and to solve real-world

Botsford’s Purpose Statement