Friends of Grandview (F.O.G.)

Parent Organization

The Friends of Grandview (F.O.G.) is our school-parent organization.  The Friends of Grandview usually meet the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00pm in the school library. The Mustang Messenger will announce the meeting dates, as well as, the meeting agenda. The function of the F.O.G. organization is to raise funds to support school activities.  

External LinkF.O.G. Facebook Page for more information.

See the attached letter that describes what F.O.G. offerns to Grandview.

Welcome from the F.O.G. Board

The Friends Of Grandview (F.O.G.) would like to WELCOME everyone to Grandview Elementary School.

We are the parent Group at Grandview Elementary School.  F.O.G. members brainstorm ideas, host fun family events and support educational programs throughout the school year.  F.O.G. also purchases “extras” for the students and the school.  We do this with the proceeds from various fundraisers.

All interested parents/guardians and teachers at Grandview are automatically members, all you have to do is attend meetings, share your ideas, and support the group’s efforts by volunteering.  Volunteers are a very important part; it’s what the group is made of.

Meetings start at 6:00pm.

Free Childcare is available for children who are potty trained.

The 2019/2020 Friends of Grandview Board is as follows:

Position is open – President - 

Nick Dorst – V.P./Fundraising Chair -

Position is open - Co V.P. -

Jackie Hart -Treasurer - 

Mallary Louiselle  – Secretary  - 

Joy Mitchell – Public Relations  -


/downloads/friends_of_grandview/november_fog_minutes.pdf** Proposed By-laws -- will be approved at October 2020 Meeting**
Please review the attached by-laws  in advance of October's Meeting
F.O.G. Board Meeting and Minutes:





                     Board Members

                         Fog Minutes 10/12/2023
                         Fog Minutes 9/12/2023