Clarenceville Virtual Academy

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Clarenceville Virtual Academy (CVA) Information


Realizing that some parents may not want to have their child return to school this year because of the risks posed by the COVID-19 virus, our reopening plan includes an option for a  full-time, at-home Virtual Academy to meet students' needs. The Clarenceville Virtual Academy (CVA) will allow students to continue their education at home using a curriculum that can be accessed fully online.  Students will be provided a school district-owned Chromebook to access classes. Internet access at home is required.  Enrolling in CVA is a semester long commitment.  Once enrolled, students will not have the option to switch to the "Phase Schedule" that includes fully remote, hybrid, and 5 days per week schedules depending on the phase in our region or school board decision.  Those who sign-up for Clarenceville Virtual Academy remain Clarenceville School District students with the same access to services and activities as traditionally enrolled CSD students.

CVA in Grades JK-5

The JK-5 Clarenceville Virtual Academy option is available by request for any family that is more comfortable having their child learn all online with a more flexible schedule.  Elementary students will be assigned a Clarenceville Teacher who will teach the lessons both synchronously and asynchronously.  Students will have the option to attend lessons live or watch them at a more convenient time.  The content in the virtual academy is the same as the traditional content.    

CVA in Grades 6-12

The 6-12 Clarenceville Virtual Academy Option is a self-paced, flexible learning opportunity for our students.  This is a self-guided platform and courses will be monitored by Clarenceville School District (CSD) teachers to assure progress and completion. Attendance, student engagement with their prescribed curriculum, and academic progress will be assessed, and students will receive letter grades and earn credit. Those who sign-up for Clarenceville Virtual Academy remain Clarenceville School District students with the same access to services and activities as traditionally enrolled CSD students. 

The curriculum in the Virtual Academy is provided by our district partner, Edmentum.  The content is fully aligned to the Michigan Merit Curriculum and students will receive credit for course work as they would in person.  In addition to the access to prescribed curriculum, which can be accessed anytime, students and parents will receive support from Clarenceville Schools Highly Qualified Teachers. Each CSD student will be assigned a CSD teacher as a mentor and monitor of their work.  If a student is in need of support on this learning path, a Clarenceville teacher in that content area will be assigned to support them. CSD teachers provide both scheduled and unscheduled interaction with each student for the purpose of guiding, evaluating, and providing assistance throughout the term.  Students are not locked into a weekly or daily time-bound structure, other than the Office Hours / Targeted Intervention available each day. All CVA students will have access to activities planned at their home building and high school students will maintain their assigned counselor. We want to build and maintain connections between the CVA students and the district.

Edmentum offers comprehensive online Courseware that is based on the development of real-world skills, with a keen focus on identifying students’ passions while also developing perseverance and grit. The Courseware is rigorous, relevant, and aligned to state and national standards. Edmentum delivers engaging content that is designed to meet each student at his or her proficiency level through the use of media-rich and interactive active learning experiences.

With Edmentum Courseware students and parents will have Instant visibility to student pacing and progress.  You will know exactly how students are pacing with powerful data views that give you unmatched visibility into pacing, progress and performance of assignment and course grades. With Edmentum courses, you will never wonder if a student is behind, ahead or right on target with their goals.

Edmentum Courseware offers hundreds of courses to choose from.  They are the industry leader in providing course variety - with a broad range of core subjects, CTE, electives, world languages, and advanced courses to fit all of your needs. Their highly interactive, video-rich courses engage learners and give you the opportunity to offer subjects that enhance and complement your curriculum.

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Click here for a list of all of the courses available in the Clarenceville Virtual Academy.

OSTC Students - CHS only
Students enrolled in OSTC (Oakland Southwest Technical Campus) classes must enroll in the Clarenceville Virtual Academy as this will allow them the flexibility to earn credit in the required classes and be available to attend OSTC for their desired CTE coursework. Students will follow the in school expectations set forth by OSTC and the in school and at home expectations set forth above by CHS.

Dual Enrollment and ACE Students - CHS only
Students enrolled in dual enrollment and/or ACE classes may enroll in the Clarenceville Virtual Academy or Option 1 (Remote / Hybrid / In-Person) based on the availability of classes offered at CHS as well as the college. Students need to enroll as a full-time student (consisting of six classes/semester).  Students will follow the expectations set forth by the ACE program, community colleges and the in school and at home expectations set forth above by CHS.