Applications for Clarenceville Schools of Choice for 2nd Semester 2023-24 will be accepted during the following dates:

Grades K- 12

  • Limited Applications are being accepted from January 8, 2024 - January 19, 2024 at 4:00 p.m.


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NOTE: You must complete the application and be accepted for            Schools of Choice before beginning the pre-enrollment process.

There is no cost for the program and accepted students will be allowed to attend Clarenceville School District until graduation if the student complies with all guidelines for schools of choice and district policies.

Questions about schools of choice may be directed to the superintendent’s office at 248-919-0250 or email:




Click here For Grades K-12 Limited Schools of Choice

 From January 8 - January 19, 2024

All students entering 1st - 12th Grade will also need to have the school your child most recently attended complete and return an "Affirmation of Discipline Record Form".  Your application is not complete until this form is returned.  If you are having difficultly contacting the school, please call our superintendent's office at 248-919-0250.


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  (Must be completed for Grades 1 - 12)

Please note:  For students entering grades 1 – 12, all applications will be screened for accurate information.  Acceptance is conditional until all records are received and reviewed.  Final acceptance is pending receipt and review of your student’s Transcripts (9-12 grade) and Affirmation of Prior Discipline Record (all grade levels).  High school students who have not obtained the appropriate number of credits for their grade level will not be considered for admission.  Falsification of requested information will disqualify a student from being considered for admission.   


For parents of students who do NOT reside in Oakland County:   Pursuant to state law, in order to enroll a 105c schools of choice student who is eligible for special education programs and services, (this includes speech/language as well as LD, CI, EI etc.) the 105c schools of choice district (Clarenceville) must have a written agreement with the resident district (the school district where you live) on the responsibility for the payment of the added costs of special education.  Without such an agreement, the 105c district (Clarenceville) cannot enroll a 105c student who is eligible for special education programs and services--MCL 388.1705c(19).  Please be aware that if we are unable to obtain an agreement with your resident school district, your child will not be able to attend Clarenceville School District.