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Beginning Teacher Annual Record of Professional Development


  • Submitted annually by all new teachers during their first three years of employment
  • Total of 15 days (90 hours) must be reported over the three year period
  • Hours are in addition to the 6 days (30 hours) of district provided PD
  • District provided PD can be used but must be hours beyond the 30 recorded on the Clarenceville School District Professional Development form

Beginning Teacher DPPD Record

The Beginning Teacher Annual Record of Professional Development form must be completed annually for each beginning teacher, then signed and dated by the building principal or individual with school district authority for professional development.  Each year a copy of this form will be placed in the school district personnel file and a copy provided to the teacher for their portfolio/personal record.  The form must be completed for each of a teacher’s first three (3) years.  (Please type or print.  Make additional copies of this form as needed.)  This form is a worksheet to be completed and retained by the school district.  DO NOT return this form to the Michigan Department of Education.  Return this form to your principal by May 31.