Welcome to Clarenceville Middle School!

Our Vision, Mission, and Beliefs


  • Provide a school that is safe to all who enter
  • Provide a climate that is an emotionally and physically safe and supportive environment
  • Promote procedures and high expectations by modeling desired behavior among staff
  • Communicate in a positive, timely, and efficient manner
  • Have a collaborative dialogue and respectful conversation 
  • Respect others' rights, values, and individuality
  • Maintain an inviting environment
  • Foster meaningful relationships between students, staff, parents, and our school community
  • Foster a thinking culture among staff, students, and our school community


  • Provide courses that meet the needs of all students
  • Engage in on-going professional development and curriculum review
  • Engage in continuous curricular improvement 


  • Monitor and evaluate student growth through meaningful assessments
  • Use assessment data to inform instructional practices
  • Use assessment data to meet the instructional and learning needs of students


  • Utilize a variety of engaging, best-practice instructional strategies 
  • Commit to professional development and continuous improvement
  • Assist students in becoming deep thinkers and lifelong learners
  • Transition students from a "fixed-mindset" to a "growth mindset
  • Strive to engage all students and to promote self-awareness in their learning, and self-responsiblity in their education