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Student-Parent Handbook 2022-2023



Chromebook Announcement

We are thrilled to share that Clarenceville School District has been awarded a grant to bring a Chromebook to all secondary 6-12 Clarenceville students. The purpose of this program is to ensure that every student receives a Chromebook for their educational use. These Chromebooks will need to be returned at the end of the year and will be reissued in the fall. There is no cost to families to receive the Chromebook. Parents are required to complete a form prior to Chromebook distribution agreeing to District technology policies and practices. We are preparing to distribute the week of October 3-7th. 


In order for your child to receive a Chromebook, the following must occur:


Return any devices from last year.  

If you have lost the Chromebook, please pay your child’s school $225 to replace the cost of the lost Chromebook.  If you are unable to pay for that amount, please contact your child’s school to set-up a payment plan.  An initial payment must be received before the Chromebook is issued.

If the device has been returned or replaced, then the parent/guardian must complete the Chromebook Agreement Form for each child in order to receive a Chromebook. 

Chromebook Agreement Form

Please note that all three steps must be completed before a Chromebook can be issued.  

For additional information, help, and/or resources on this program, please go to the following resources:

Chromebook FAQ for families
Chromebook Tips for families


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Pandemic EBT - Reconsideration

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