The mission of the Clarenceville School District is to create a learning environment where All Means All. #CSD_AllMeansAll

Welcome to the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment landing page. We are proud of our students' achievements, the instruction provided by our teachers, and the many educational programs offered to our community - TROJAN PRIDE! We believe that our exemplary educational system is a result of the collaborative efforts of parents, students, school, and community. Together we are improving the quality of life and learning for all.

Curriculum, instruction, and assessment are looked at through the following questions:

1.    What do we want our students to learn? (Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum/
       Learning Targets)
2.    What research-based instructional practices will be used to ensure high levels
        of learning for all students?
3.    How will we know they are learning?
        (Assessment System)
4.    What will we do if students are not learning or have already learned the
        (Access to Intervention or Enrichment)

The Curriculum is based upon standards that promote "rigor" and "relevance" and are aligned with the Michigan Academic Standards that promote Career and College Readiness.  These standards set high expectations and are based upon the belief that all students will succeed. Some students will need additional time and support, but all students will learn and experience success. Students will learn content that will be relevant to their future plans, whether it be post-secondary education or the work force.

In addition to a rigorous and relevant curriculum, we recognize the importance of the third "R" - relationships. Relationships are critical to students feeling connected to school. We have the most caring teachers who are committed to being advocates for every student.

In conclusion, we are committed to continuous improvement in all areas. Working together, we can ensure a quality educational experience for all students. We believe in our collective capacity to create a better future for our school and students.

What is  "essential" for schools?  Three simple things:  reasonably coherent curriculum (what we teach); sound lessons (how we teach); and far more purposeful reading and writing in every discipline, or authentic literacy (integral to both what and how we teach).
                              Mike Schmoker

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