District Bus Routes

PDF DocumentBotsford Second Semester 2021 Bus Schedule

PDF DocumentGrandview Second Semester 2021 Bus Schedule

PDF DocumentMiddle School Second Semester 2021 Bus Schedule

PDF DocumentHigh School Second Semester 2021 Bus Schedule


District Bus Rules

Remember, it is a privilege to ride the school bus!


  • Follow the bus driver’s direction (without argument and/or discussion.)
  • Stay in your seat.
  • No shouting or swearing.
  • Keep hands, arms, legs and objects to yourself (no fighting or throwing things.)


  • Step 1. Warning
  • Step 2. Second Warning - minimum of 1-3 days’ bus suspension.
  • Step 3. 3-5 days’ bus suspension
  • MAJOR VIOLATION (damage to bus, fighting, chronic misbehavior) - suspension off bus indefinately.

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